1)  Targeting pathological mitochondrial fission for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy and dementia associated with type-2 diabetes

2)  Understanding the role of mitochondrial dynamics in synaptic and behavioral plasticity

3)  Uncovering pathogenic mechanisms in autosomal-dominant intellectual disability caused by mutations in the PP2A regulatory subunit PPP2R5D (MRD35, Jordan’s Syndrome)

4)  Identifying neuronal substrates for the E3 ubiquitin ligase Kelch-like 15 (KLHL15) to uncover mechanisms by which mutations cause X-linked individual disability

5)  Deciphering how mutations in signaling molecules localized to mitochondria (PPP2R2B, AKAP1) cause intellectual disability

6)  Delineating new pathways for biogenesis of mitochondrial membrane proteins